Colar – Cardcaptor Sakura

Necklace inspired in Cardcaptor Sakura. This necklace represents the Star Key that transforms into the Star Staff and is used to invoke the Clow Cards.


It is the ideal gift to offer to a fan of this anime/manga from CLAMP, be it at Christmas, an Aniversary, Valentine's Day or other special ocasions. And why not offer as a small treat to a friend or even yourself?

 This necklace is golden, it's lace is thin, light, elegant and fits nicelly in the neck. It is a gorgeous piece of jewelery to use on your day-to-day, in an event or as a collector's piece as well.


The pendant on the necklace measures approximatly 3.5 cms tall and is made in a light and shiny metalic band.


General information:

Color - golden.

Pendant measures approximatly 3.5 cms (height) and 2.6 cms(width)

Includes chain with lock and pendant (exactly as in the photo)

Filled with love!


Nota: This unique piece has a very limited stock.


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