Wood Painting – The Legend of Zelda / Link

Handpainted picture and vernished (with a shiny finish) for a better durability and highlight. This painting stands out due to his original make and for being completly handmade, from the wood cutting, painting, vernishing and back support. A golden hinge is instaled on the back in order to allow the painting to stand on a surface and to reduce its size while transporting or storing it. Painted with love and all the litle details that characterize Umbreon. Was made with care and dedication, in order to bring a piece of your favourite character directly to your home.

It is the ideal gift to pamper or offer to a Pokemon fan. Be it for Christmas, Aniversary, Valentine's day or for another ocasion, we are sure that this plushie will delight and surprise the person that receives it. And its small size facilites its transportation, for the people that want to bring it along and show it off to their friends (and give the occasional hug).

Since all wood paintings are cut by hand, the size of each piece may vary, but it will measure approximately 18 cms tall by 12 cms wide. A wood colour will depend on the wood we have available: oak or gray oak. Each piece is unique and may slightly differ from the presented visual. However we garantee the final quality.

General information:

Painted by hand.

Covered with a water based shiny vernish.

Measures approximately 18cms x 12 cms.

Includes support so it can stand.

Made with love!


Link is the name shared by the recurring character in the serie “The Legend of Zelda”. There are many incarnations of Link, each one possessing the hero’s spirit, with some even being blood relatives. They are chosen by the Golden Goddesses to protect the land from evil, every time it is necessary. Frequently, they have to complete a series of challenges in order to mature into the chosen hero.

In most games from the series “ The Legend of Zelda”, his adventures occur in the Kingdom of Hyrule, traveling the realm, gathering important items and defeating a large variety of enemies while they seek to save both Princess Zelda and her kingdom from the clutches of Ganon and other Villains.

The first Link was presented as a boy wielding a sword, but the identity, appearance and role of each Link incarnation has changed from game to game. Many of them have been given titles to identify them, such as the Hero of Time in “Ocarina of Time” and the Wind Hero in “The Wind Waker”.


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